Lead Sustaining Software Engineer - Communications

Company Name:
Kristen J. Bates & Associates, LLC
Technical Lead Software Engineer.
Go to expert to solve mission critical issues across multiple disciplines.
Lead a team of software developers in, embedded communication code development, web development, webserver maintenance and SQL database management.
Design world class embedded software/firmware and web interfaces.
Interact with cross functional engineering and support teams across the company.
Dive into and take ownership of critical design issues.
Participate in and lead design reviews.
Address all aspects of technology readiness.
Help build robust methodology and processes to deliver technology to products.
Root cause analysis of issues and produce solid solutions.
Good organizational and planning skills to lead and manage product improvement projects as well as new product development implementation.
Good communication and interpersonal skills to be able to speak directly to a customer about solutions and represent the company in a positive manner
Mentor others in software engineering principles and management
Provide outstanding documentation of software designs and user documentation.
Assist on special customer service projects as needed.
Ability to understand complex designs and failure modes with software/hardware interactions.
Results oriented and high level of initiative and a proactive nature, good communication skills and strong organizational and time management skills. Fluency in English is essential.
Hands on experience in software engineering practice including:
Expert in C, real time embedded system design including embedded Linux.
Local and remote data acquisition, data storage and data presentation.
Significant knowledge of TCP/IP, CAN and Modbus (RS-485) and wireless based systems.
Planning, installation, configuring, testing, troubleshooting and maintaining networks, including routing, switching, and network security.
Knowledge of wireless security controls (authentication/encryption/PKI integration).
Packet/protocol fault analysis for common IP and Ethernet protocols using network traces or sniffer captures.
Experience in SQL server and database queries.
Experience in web server maintenance and web page development, HTML5, PHP.
A strong understanding and advocacy of defensive programming methods to defeat issues such as noise, intermittent communications, erroneous configuration entry, and communications data over-runs or errors.
Significant understanding and work experience of software quality assurance and software testing principles and standards.
Successful experience working with a defined software development process including: requirements management, implementation, design for test, validation, version control, and sustaining updates such as bug trackers.
Solid understanding of hardware design and troubleshooting capability is required.
Experience working with industry vendors.
Some lifting required (up to 55 lbs individual lift, up to 115 lbs team lift).
Willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 25% to support critical goals and interface with external stakeholders.
Desired Skills:
Experience with operation and testing of high power (up to 1.5MW) and high voltage (up to 600VAC, 1500VDC) equipment.
Photo-voltaic and/or energy storage system design experience
Project management skills, project planning, schedule creation and maintenance
Advanced testing experience including unit test, functional test, system test, white box testing, black box testing, boundary testing, stress testing, and regression testing
BSEE, BSCS, BSCE with 6 or more years relevant experience. OR
MSEE, MSCS, MSCE with 4 or more years relevant experience.
Minimum 6 years of experience in embedded software design and validation
Minimum 2 years of technical leadership experience in an engineering environment

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