Lead Embedded Linux Software Engineer

Company Name:
Kristen J. Bates & Associates, LLC
1) Responsible to lead embedded Linux software design efforts throughout the full product life cycle, ensuring timely delivery of reliable and feature rich products.
2) Take lead on projects such as new features implementation and resolving existing issues. This will require theoretical analysis, simulation analysis, software implementation, code review, documentation, lab, and field testing.
3) Lead communications development efforts for the company: TCP/IP, WiFi, network security protocols, Web Server capability, Email reporting, and advanced PV specific networking such as SunSpec, Rule 21, DNP3, and IEC 61850.
4) Lead web development technology projects using HTML 5, PHP, SQL databases, XML, and Embedded Web Servers.
5) Create and maintain project plans for next generation embedded Linux system design.
6) Maintain schedule/feature tracking and documentation of project progress.
7) Drive the team to provide outstanding documentation of software designs that are compliant to internal coding standards and advanced reliability standards such as MISRA C.
8) Lead software design FMEA.
9) Coordinate software releases with internal and external stakeholders.
10) Lead the development of board support packages and driver level software for embedded systems.
11) Lead special customer projects as needed.
12) Assist on standard certification testing of our software and product.
13) Additional duties may be assigned, as business circumstances require.

BSEE, BSSE, BSCE, BSCS with 7 years experience OR
MS with 5 years experience

1) Five or more years of professional embedded software development experience.
2) Two or more years of experience with Embedded Linux.
3) Two or more years in Leadership role.
4) Expert in C/C++, real time embedded system design.
5) Significant knowledge of TCP/IP-based systems. Must have experience with planning, installation, configuring, testing, troubleshooting and maintaining networks, including routing, switching, and network security. Must have knowledge of wireless security controls (authentication/encryption/PKI integration). Must have experience with packet/protocol fault analysis for common IP and Ethernet protocols using network traces or sniffer captures.
6) Embedded Linux experience ranging from high level programming, library, and applications usage down to full hardware driver development and board support packages.
7) Expert web programming skills using HTML5, PHP, SQL, XML, and Embedded Web Servers.
8) A strong understanding and advocacy of defensive programming methods to defeat issues such as noise, intermittent communications, erroneous configuration entry, and communications data over-runs or errors.
9) Successful experience working with a defined software development process including: Requirements management, implementation, design for test, validation, version control, and sustaining updates such as bug trackers.
10) Knowledge of high efficiency computing methods, writing software that optimizes performance to fit hardware system performance constraints.
11) Must have strong computer skills, ability to use design tools, system debuggers, programmers, word, excel, power point, databases, web interfaces, code analysis tools, etc.
12) Significant understanding and work experience of software quality assurance and software testing principles and standards.
13) Excellent interpersonal skills. Fluency in English is essential.
14) Attention to detail, self-driven as project leader.
15) Strong sense of schedule driven design, feature/effort trade efforts, and design for reliability.
16) Ability and interest to work as a leader or individual contributor, depending upon assignment.
17) Willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 10% of the time.

Desired Skills:
1) Solar inverter related experience.
2) Advanced testing experience including unit test, functional test, system test, white box testing, black box testing, boundary testing, stress testing, static code analysis, and automatic regression testing.

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