Power Electronics Engineer

Company Name:
Kristen J. Bates & Associates, LLC
1) Responsible to provide design leadership and technical expertise throughout the full life
cycle development of high powered PV inverters and associated projects.
2) Overall power stage conception, specification, analysis, implementation, and validation.
Power semiconductor selection, simulation, and implementation.
System thermal management.
Gate drive circuitry and protection.
Design bias power supplies such as flyback converters.
Power control sensing including DC link and current feedback design.
EMI filter design.
Isolation system design for sensing and communications.
Magnetics specification, design, and implementation.
? Safety circuits such as ground fault detection, insulation monitoring, and Arc detection.
3) Design for cost targets.
4) Validation testing and system certification: HALT, Thermal testing, EMI/EMC testing, and UL
5) Design for test and manufacturability.
6) Working with High Voltage/High Power circuits using best practices for safety.
7) Design for high reliability, long life and MTBF.
8) Printed circuit board designs for high reliability, cost sensitive products.
9) Design for EMI/EMC in harsh environment.
10) Participate in hardware FMEA analysis.
11) Provide outstanding documentation of hardware designs.
Additional design challenges may include:
Wireless and wired communications system design.
DSP controller system design.
High reliability PCB implementation.
Control algorithm development in conjunction with software team.
12) Additional duties may be assigned, as business circumstances require.
BSEE, BSSE, BSCE, BSCS with 4 years experience OR
MS with 2 years experience OR
Ph.D with 1 years experience

Engineering Skills:
1. Expert power electronics design background:
a. Power semiconductor implementation, design for efficiency, and protection.
b. Must understand the fundamentals of PWM controlled power electronics. Implementation
experience with buck, boost, flyback, and inverter power sections is expected.
c. Experience with high efficiency power stages, soft switching topologies.
2. CPU based systems, with significant digital circuitry such as communications, memory, and I/O.
3. Deep knowledge of circuit analysis and simulation to ensure design margin and reliability.
4. Design background in harsh, electrically noisy environments.
5. Knowledge of Electrical safety standards, EMI/EMC and Environmental compliance.
6. Experience in design for long life and high MTBF.
7. Significant electronic circuit design, including Processor based systems, Communications interfaces,
OpAmps, Filters, Isolation, Circuit protection, voltage regulation and conversion.
8. Knowledge of mechanical/thermal/packaging design for industrial electronics.
9. Extensive experience in design of electronics based systems, including schematics, circuit simulation,
PCB layout, testing, and troubleshooting skills.
10. Expertise in communications hardware layers of Wireless Ethernet, Wired Ethernet, CAN, SPI, and
11. Significant experience with circuit board design, including: Altium (or equivalent) design software,
IPC rules and guidelines, PCB design for test, and PCB design for manufacturing.
12. Ability to understand complex designs and failure modes with software/hardware interactions.
13. Direct experience with safe operation and testing of high power (Up to 1MW) and high voltage (Up
to 600VAC, Up to 1500VDC) equipment.
14. Background in embedded C programming is a plus.
15. Experience in PV system design is a big plus.

Business/Personal Skills:
1. Rapid product development, while maintaining high quality results.
2. Outstanding work ethic and positive attitude required.
3. Strong sense of schedule driven design, meeting cost targets, NRE decisions, feature/effort trade
efforts, and design for manufacturing.
4. A high level of initiative and a proactive nature, good communication skills and strong organizational
and time management skills.
5. Ability to support creation of schedules and work estimations for complex power electronics
6. Fluency in written and spoken English is essential.
7. Ability to work as a leader or individual contributor, depending upon assignment.
8. Willingness to travel up to 10% of the time.

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