Hardware Engineering Intern

Company Name:
Kristen J. Bates & Associates, LLC
1) Perform testing, focused design, and documentation activities as part of PV inverter
development team.
2) Work in focused areas to accomplish milestones. Assignments may include:
Design of hardware circuits.
Schematic entry and PCB design.
Concept tests or hardware designs.
Test rig design
Data collection and analysis.
Creating significant documentation of results.
3) Working under senior engineers as needed, will be arranged with mentor for assignments.
4) Participate in design reviews.
5) Lab testing, field testing, lab test setup, design of experiments.
6) Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

Currently enrolled in:
Bachelor's Degree program
OR Master's Degree program
OR PhD program in any of the following:
Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science.

1) Experience in electronics fundamentals and basic electrical design.
2) Experience using schematic software.
3) Experience setting up lab tests.
4) Knowledge and work experience of real time embedded control system including software
and hardware measurement and analysis.
5) Great documentation capability.
6) Excellent interpersonal skills.
7) Attention to details, self-driven as project leader.
8) Knowledge and experience in real time embedded control systems including software and
hardware measurement and analysis.
9) Familiar with the use of HW\FW debugging tools (DVM, Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum
10) Some experience in C/C++, MatLab, Simulink, RTOS.
11) Excellent interpersonal skills.
12) Fluency in written and spoken English is essential.
13) Strong technical aptitude and passion for technology related products and solutions.
14) Demonstrate integrity and maturity, and a constructive approach to challenges.
15) At least one previous engineering internship is desired.

To apply, please follow this link to our candidate application form:

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